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Webinar Invitation
Brexit Implications: UK & Beyond
Tuesday 14 June

The British referendum on EU membership is set to be one of the defining political events of the year, with the potential to fundamentally alter the UK's relationship with the rest of Europe, as well as the rest of the world.

Following our session in February, this webinar will highlight updates on the UK's EU referendum, incorporating a brief history of the UK's relationship with the EU, providing crucial context on how the UK has come so close to the exit door, before examining opinion polls and assessing the likelihood of the electorate voting to leave the EU.

Looking at the impact each outcome would have on the government of Prime Minister David Cameron, we will also discuss what effect a Brexit would have on Westminster's relationship with Scotland and how the UK might fare economically outside the EU considering; what sort of bilateral relations it would seek to foster, how the UK would engage with the EU, and how the EU will look post-Brexit. 

Join us for a free webinar where we will discuss:

  • The likelihood of a Brexit occurring, looking at opinion polls
  • The impact of the campaign and result on the government/Conservative Party
  • What a 'leave' vote would mean for the relationship between UK and Scotland
  • How the UK would fare economically outside the EU, and how the EU would fare without the UK as a member state
  • If a 'remain' vote will put the Brexit issue to bed once and for all

Places are offered free of charge and attendance on the day will be on first come first serve, with limited spaces available – please register now.

Tuesday 14 June

10:00 (London)
12:00 (Johannesburg)
18:00 (Singapore)

Duration: 35 minutes

Thomas Lake
Political Risk Analyst